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Worst CES product of the day – Day 5

 Awarded to Harman International and Microsoft.  Harman announced that it’s bringing Microsoft Office—including Word, Excel and Powerpoint—to your car. It will operate via voice-activation, using Microsoft’s Cortana, meaning you’ll be able to work on spreadsheets and file your taxes while driving. “By ensuring that Office 365 services are seamlessly integrated with car and driver telematics and […]

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Worst of CES 2016

 The Consumer Show is now underway and, while many are reporting on the exciting new products, I decided to focus on the Worst of CES just to be contrary. Actually, that’s probably an easier task since they are much easier to find. Each day I’ve added an item here on . This entry summarizes […]

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Worst CES product of the day – Day 3

 SensorWake is an olfactory alarm-clock that allows you to wake up with your favorite morning smells. SensorWake is presenting the product with their nice scents bar. SensorWake gently wakes you up in less than two minutes—with the power of smell. Users set the time they want to wake up and insert their choice of scent capsule, with options ranging from coffee, peach, seaside and even the smell of dollars. […]


One touch conference calls

 I make a lot of conference calls using my iPhone. One of the problems is remembering the meeting code you need to dial, after dialing the phone number for the conference call. While it’s usually stored in my appointment on iCal, the process of tapping the phone number in the appointment, closes the appointment screen […]


Desktop Product Development

 Remember long ago when the invention of high-quality printers, Adobe Postcript, and design software brought publishing to the desktop? No longer did you need to rely on experts to design your newsletters, presentations, and brochures. Individuals were empowered to do more on their own in their offices. That thought came to mind when I read […]


Keeping an eye on your home while travelling

 New technologies are making it possible to keep tabs on your home when travelling. There are cameras that detect motion in your home and trigger an alert such as Canary, a product I previously reviewed. ( Using an app on your phone, the cylindrical-shaped device alerts you when it detects motion in your home when […]