Enjoying wine one glass at a time

Tonight my wife wanted a glass of white wine and I wanted a red with our dinner. I was able to pour a glass of each from unopened bottles and then put the bottles back in my wine cabinet to use another time. I was using the Coravin wine device that lets you enjoy a […]

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A challenge to the automotive companies

One of the highlights of this year’s CES was, literally, carloads of new technology shown by the automotive companies from Detroit, Europe, Korea, and Japan. Everything from self-driving vehicles to tablet-sized displays to 20 speaker audio systems. The automotive industry seems to have embraced new technology, with many of the companies opening research and development […]

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Fitbit’s new Blaze is extinguishing their stock price

Fitbit introduced their new activity tracker, called the Blaze, at CES last week. And since then, the company’s stock has dropped by nearly 30 percent.. The product was panned as being ugly and under-featured, particularly for its $200 price. Even if you assume what they showed was a prototype, the product looks much like an “As […]

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Worst CES product of the day – Day 5

Awarded to Harman International and Microsoft.  Harman announced that it’s bringing Microsoft Office—including Word, Excel and Powerpoint—to your car. It will operate via voice-activation, using Microsoft’s Cortana, meaning you’ll be able to work on spreadsheets and file your taxes while driving. “By ensuring that Office 365 services are seamlessly integrated with car and driver telematics and […]

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Worst of CES 2016

The Consumer Show is now underway and, while many are reporting on the exciting new products, I decided to focus on the Worst of CES just to be contrary. Actually, that’s probably an easier task since they are much easier to find. Each day I’ve added an item here on . This entry summarizes […]

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Worst CES product of the day – Day 3

SensorWake is an olfactory alarm-clock that allows you to wake up with your favorite morning smells. SensorWake is presenting the product with their nice scents bar. SensorWake gently wakes you up in less than two minutes—with the power of smell. Users set the time they want to wake up and insert their choice of scent capsule, with options ranging from coffee, peach, seaside and even the smell of dollars. […]

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Worst CES product of the day – Day 2

Tuesday, January 5 – Samsung refrigerator with a 21-inch display in the door and a camera inside. Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator is a $5,000 smart refrigerator with a giant built-in 21-inch touch screen with built-in apps such as Pandora, a family calendar and photo streaming. There’s a camera inside the refrigerator that allows you to […]

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Silent Pocket allows you to go off the grid

Silent Pocket of Encinitas, CA, has created a line of cleanly designed leather goods that block out wireless transmissions. There are a number of reasons why you might want to use these products. One reason is to prevent others from reading the new credit cards that contain electronic information. Another is to prevent others from […]


Worst CES product of the day – Day 1

Each day I will review new CES products being unveiled and will pick one worthy being the worst. Monday, January 4 – Candy Crush Scented iPhone Case  


New product is actually 3 in 1

Nascent Objects has introduced a new product that can be morphed into any of 3 devices. They include Droppler – a water conservation product Streaming WiFi speaker with Apple AirPlay and Spotify Support WiFi HD video camera with streaming and IFTTT capabilities The products all convert from one to another. The company realized that so many […]


AirPort Extreme WiFi Router – installs in minutes

Lately, I’ve been experiencing WiFi connection problems on a number of devices in my home, a notebook, tablet and cellphones. Occasionally the WiFi slows down or disconnects for a few seconds or displays a weak signal. It’s gradually become worse over time. I use an Asus RT–AC660U router, one of the best available when I […]


Brace yourself for 2016 CES

  Two thoughts about CES, the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas every year. The first is a personal one about attending and the second about the significance of CES in the world. For the next few weeks we’ll be hearing a lot about CES, where nearly 4000 companies will be previewing their new […]


Ten last-minute Christmas gifts

Ditto Notifier –  A clever inexpensive device that clips onto a shirt collar or waistband to notify you when you have a call, text message or your Uber has arrived. It can be configured to discreetly notify you with a vibration, and filter out other events. Allows you to put away your phone and avoid […]


One touch conference calls

I make a lot of conference calls using my iPhone. One of the problems is remembering the meeting code you need to dial, after dialing the phone number for the conference call. While it’s usually stored in my appointment on iCal, the process of tapping the phone number in the appointment, closes the appointment screen […]

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Solitide XCS2 Noise reduction Headphones

I love good headphones, especially to use with my Pono hi-res music player. So it was with some skepticism when I received a review unit of these headphones to try. Why skeptical? Because of their low cost ($170 list) and plain appearance. But after listening to a wide range of music for several hours, I was […]


Why the Cheero 13,400mAH backup battery is disruptive

The Cheero Power Plus 3 backup battery is a terrific solution for the traveler. Keep on in your briefcase and you’ll always have a backup for your phones and other devices. I’ve tried dozens of backup batteries over the past few years – but the Cheero stands apart for several reasons. It’s a whopping 13400mAH capacity, […]

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Guardzilla – An affordable low cost security system UNACCEPTABLE

UPDATE: After 6 weeks of use, I now find the product UNACCEPTABLE. When it works it is fine, but too often it disconnects from the WiFi network. Several times a week when I try accessing its camera from my iPhone it will not work The fix is to unplug and replug it in again. Guardzilla is […]


Online advertising is broken

Technology is letting us down. After all, isn’t it supposed to serve us ads on our phones, tablets, and computers that makes us want to buy more? Isn’t it supposed to show us ads that are selected for us based on our activities on the internet and the information it learns about us? But, most […]


The Leatherman Tread: A most unusual gadget

Leatherman is the company that invented the successor to the Swiss Army knife, the multi-function pocketknife that contains an array of robust tools, including pliers, knives, wire cutters, screwdrivers and much more. Today they make dozens of models of all sizes, even one that is TSA compliant that omits the knife blade. Over the years […]


Desktop Product Development

Remember long ago when the invention of high-quality printers, Adobe Postcript, and design software brought publishing to the desktop? No longer did you need to rely on experts to design your newsletters, presentations, and brochures. Individuals were empowered to do more on their own in their offices. That thought came to mind when I read […]