Silent Pocket allows you to go off the grid

Silent Pocket of Encinitas, CA, has created a line of cleanly designed leather goods that block out wireless transmissions. There are a number of reasons why you might want to use these products. One reason is to prevent others from reading the new credit cards that contain electronic information. Another is to prevent others from accessing your phone that contains so much personal information.

Silent Pocket has developed a patent-pending shielding technology that allows users to completely remove their devices from the grid, effectively blocking all incoming and outgoing signals – meaning both cellular and data. The company imbeds their shielding technology, a special flexible fabric, into each leather case. The fabric has a woven metallic construction that’s flexible, although stiffer than normal fabric.

Many of the products have a dual pocket design that gives the customer the ability to decide when and how they want to go off the grid.  These pockets include a special closure that insures the signals are completely blocked.

Aaron Zar, the company’s founder, explained that, unlike other products, that shield credit cards, Silent Pocket products block a much wider range of frequencies that include the frequencies used by all of the mobile carriers, plus WiFi, RFID, NFC, and Bluetooth.

For the technically-minded, Zar explained how his products pass European standards including this test conducted by the Military Technical Institute, a branch of the National Security Agency of the Czech Republic. “The results demonstrate that the SilentPocket security cases guarantee safe protection of electronic devices in a wide frequency range (on average 60 dB in frequency band 500 – 1000 MHz, 41 dB at f = 4.3 GHz and 36 dB at f = 4.4 GHz).”

The company produces about 20 different designs, ranging from portfolio cases for iPhones to large pockets that hold a 9.7-inch iPad. One new product I examined is a very attractive soft leather briefcase that can protect you computer, as well.

All of the products are made of a soft matte-black leather of very good quality. The company got its start based on research that he and his father conducted over several years, and a successful Kickstarter campaign. Their cost ranges from about $20 to $400 for the briefcase. Check out their website at





by Phil Baker