Solitide XCS2 Noise reduction Headphones

I love good headphones, especially to use with my Pono hi-res music player. So it was with some skepticism when I received a review unit of these headphones to try. Why skeptical? Because of their low cost ($170 list) and plain appearance. But after listening to a wide range of music for several hours, I was truly impressed by the clear, rich sound in which every detail of the music came through. I’ve never heard such great sound from a noise cancelling headphone before. I’ve used the latest Bose QC-25 that sells for about $300, and the Solitude’s sound much better.

I’ll be trying the noise reduction feature on a flight next week and will report back.

Why does the Solitude sound so good? According to the inventor, David Dillinger, a commercial airline pilot, it’s the result of the 40mm neodymium and 30mm driver. He explained how the dual driver system “works in harmony to seamlessly transmit the entire range of sound frequencies while also eliminating the interference of background noise.” All I can say is it’s worth trying out for yourself.

The Solitude XCSheadphones comes in a case that looks just like the Bose case with all of the same wires and connectors. Currently the product is on sale for $140 from their website.


by Phil Baker