Why the Cheero 13,400mAH backup battery is disruptive

The Cheero Power Plus 3 backup battery is a terrific solution for the traveler. Keep on in your briefcase and you’ll always have a backup for your phones and other devices. I’ve tried dozens of backup batteries over the past few years – but the Cheero stands apart for several reasons. It’s a whopping 13400mAH capacity, making it twice the capacity of most tablet batteries and over 8x the capacity of an iPhone battery. Due to the charging efficiencies of battery packs, that means it can recharge an iPad 1-1/2 times and an iPhone about six times on a single charge. It’s beautifully finished due to it being designed in Japan, and it uses high quality Panasonic battery cells. (Original column mistakenly said “made” in Japan). Best of all it’s very compact in size considering its huge capacity. Because of this large capacity it takes about 8 hours to charge – the bigger capacity, the more time to charge.  I was astounded to learn the price; it’s a terrific value at about $40. Compare that to the Mophie powerstationXL that has 12000mAH of capacity and costs $130, more than three times the price!  You can find the Cheero battery on Amazon or on Cheero’s website. This is a disruptive product in its category because it offers it all: low cost, great performance, high quality and solid workmanship. Usually you sacrifice one or more of these for another, but not in this case.

Here are its specs:

[Built-in Battery / Capacity] Panasonic Lithium ion battery / 13400mAh 3.6V (48.24Wh)
[Body Dimensions] 3.8× 3.1 × 0.9 inches (92 × 80 × 23 mm)
[Body Weight] 0.5 pounds (245g) (8.6 oz)
[Color] White
[Recharging time] Approximately 8 hours *With use of 2A USB AC adapter
[Usage Time] Approximately 500 Times
[Input] DC 5V/2A Micro USB
[Output] USB1: DC 5V/1A USB2:DC 5V/2.4A(Total: 3.4A)
[Accessories] USB-Micro USB charging cable, user manual / warranty card (six months warranty)

By the way, all Lithium Ion batteries degrade as they are charged and depleted. And all degrade by much the same rate. After 300 full charge/discharge cycles they have about 80% of the original capacity. Another 200 they have about half the original life. If you don’t fully discharge or recharge, that doesn’t count as a full cycle.

The Cheero has 2 USB ports for charging 2 devices at the same time, 1 at ~2 amps and the other at ~1 amp. It has an on/off button and a series of LED lights to display how full it is and when it’s charging. It’s charged using your own USB charger that you use for a tablet or phone.

by Phil Baker