Google buys Fitbit. What happens next.

With Google’s purchase of Fitbit for $2.1B, it’s an admission that their own efforts in the wearables market have failed, and the realization of how far Fitbit has fallen since it went public four years ago when it was valued at $9B. It’s another big disappointment for one of Silicon Valley’s most visible hardware startups. […]

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How do I get my tech news?

We’ve all developed our routines and habits over the years for how we access information that’s useful to us. For me, a major interest being tech news, I’ve developed a number of resources that I wanted to share with you. I’ve gone from trying to access as many sites as possible to now relying on […]

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    In a tale of two cities, Bellafit was taken from dream to design in the creative hub of San Francisco and the world capital of hardware, Shenzhen. The Bellafit is an elegant accessory crafted for the woman whose goals never take a backseat but who refuses to compromise on style. The Bellafit secures […]


SaneBox Will Bring Sanity Back to Your Emai

First seen on PJ Media   Are you old enough to remember how email used to be? Our inbox would be filled with mostly important messages from friends and business associates, along with just an occasional newsletters,  promotion, and ad. We’d carefully keep track of all of our email to avoid missing a single one. […]

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Apple watch or conventional…Can’t decide?

Here’s the solution. German watchmaker Sinn, offers their solution to this dilemma of watch aficionados. They’ve come up with a Dual Strap System consisting of two shortened strap halves for the Apple Watch and the Sinn watch, letting you wear both at the same time.You can also wear each watch by itself using another connecting strap. For more details check this out.    

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Apple’s amazing support structure

Computers and smartphones are complex devices. When you choose to buy one, one of the most important considerations is being able to keep them working and get them repaired without giving them up for days or weeks while shipped back to the company. The first company to realize this and to do something about it […]

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Mazda CX-3: A small SUV loaded with technology

The Mazda CX-3 is the company’s new subcompact SUV that’s getting loads of accolades, including being selected as top in class by a number of automotive reviewers. It’s a car that offers a lot of features for a relatively low price, yet manages to avoid the stigma of an economy car that cuts corners. I […]

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MuscleSound has staying power

MuscleSound Celebrates Five Years in Business MuscleSound, a Denver-based performance and health technology company that helps athletes optimize performance levels and prevent injury with non-invasive MuscleHealth® measurement, is marking its fifth year in business. With an impressive and fast-growing client roster, including, but not limited to, the USA Cycling Team, Colorado Rockies, Dallas Mavericks, Kansas […]

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How Digital Dumbed Down Music

First published on PJ Media With the digital revolution, we’ve seen huge improvements to the quality of our TV and our photos, each exhibiting more lifelike images in higher and higher resolution. But when it comes to music, the quality has gone the other way. I’m not talking about the artists and their performances, I’m […]

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Libratone announces a cleverly designed portable speaker

A Danish company, Libratone, has introduced the ONE Click portable Bluetooth speaker. The Bluetooth speaker category was pioneered by Jawbone, opting for a premium-priced quality sounding compact speaker, ideal for use while on the move.  That’s spawned many other companies to follow suit, creating speakers of all sizes and shapes, such that the category is much a […]

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Apple has A Reputation for Discarding Legacy Features before the Competition

Apple has a reputation for discarding legacy features on their products well before their competition and sometimes before their time. Each time it does so, it creates a firestorm of reaction. You might think Apple does it just for publicity’s sake. But looking back, their decisions have generally proved to be insightful, if not always […]

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Apple and the Expectation of Perfection

Last week, I turned on my computer and was greeted by an email message from Apple saying my account was locked and I needed to reset my password. While resetting was simple, I was greeted with requests to enter my password no less than two dozen times on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook over the […]

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Sure Introduces World’s First On-Demand Insurance Powered by Artificial Intelligence

When Wayne Slavin, a friend of many years, told me about his idea to sell insurance over your phone on a buy-when-needed basis, it sounded like a great idea. But taking an idea to reality took several years of work dealing with all sorts of challenges and regulations. One of the most obvious applications is […]

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How to Buy the Best Carry-On Luggage

As a frequent traveler, I go to great lengths to take my luggage with me and avoid checking it. Not only does it avoid the crazy baggage fees, but it eliminates lost luggage and the waiting when you arrive, and makes it easy to change flights at the last minute, with the bag by your […]

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Is Retail Hindering Product Innovation?

As I work with tech startup companies to create and manufacture their new hardware products, one of the frequent challenges is the difficulty in meeting their sales expectations. All of the excitement and anticipation during the development and manufacturing phases invariably collide with the harsh reality of the marketplace. “Build it and they will come” […]

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Sometimes You Can Find Better Doctors and Clinics on the Internet Than in Your Own Community

Some diseases have a small occurrence, and the expertise to treat that disease may not be in your local community or nearby city. While your local doctors tend to recommend specialists that they know, they may not always offer the best solutions. That’s when you can use the Internet to reach beyond to help you […]


The Package Guard

This Kickstarter project attempts to solve a real problem, the theft of packages delivered to our front door. Well worthwhile supporting!  

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Out-of-Control Toyotas, Out-of-Luck Owners

I’ve covered Toyota’s unintended acceleration for several years and have always believed that it is a real problem that has been swept under the rug by Toyota and our government’s NHTSA. In fact, insider communications uncovered by a whistleblower, Betsy Benjaminson, verified much of this. It clearly showed a coverup, and that the cause was neither […]

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What’s new in mobile?

The 2016 Mobile World Congress (MWC), the mobile industry’s yearly show in Barcelona, just concluded. That’s where manufacturers – all but Apple – rolled out their new phones. And based on what was shown, there are few reasons to upgrade. Smartphones have approached a level where, with few exceptions, improvements are modest and provide few […]


The first connected and heated shoe

Why? Because they could, I suppose. Read the press release: Digitsole, the connected footwear specialist, announces that its newest creation – the Warm Sneaker – has won an award at the 2016 ISPO. ISPO is an international trade-fair gathering the whole sport industry and honoring exhibitors in different categories every year. The Warm Sneaker has […]