Yarra, the audio industry’s first affordable beamforming speaker array

Comhear, a San Diego-Based premier audio technology company and 2017 CES Innovation Award Honoree, today announced Yarra™, the audio industry’s first affordable beamforming speaker array, designed to place you inside any audio experience—from gaming, music playback, VR/AR, conferencing, and home entertainment.

Yarra provides an enhanced natural HD 360-degree sound experience for virtual reality, gaming, desktop sound, music reproduction, and personal devices. In conjunction with researchers at UC San Diego, Comhear has produced a new way to present immersive audio experiences with an audio-beam forming technology.

“This revolutionary technology delivers personalized sound field modeling to listeners without headphones or expensive hardware,” said Comhear CEO Perry Teevens. “For the first time, consumers can immerse themselves inside an audio experience, personalize spatialization and sound stage depth, model exotic sound systems without buying new gear, hear every detail contained in an HD music track, and maximize their listening pleasure.”

Yarra can be used individually or as part of a home entertainment network. The Yarra app will allow users to personalize spatial localization, control connectivity, change from near field to far field reproduction, and model a variety of audiophile grade speakers.


Yarra beam forming speakers will be available in the fall of 2017.

by Phil Baker