Why taxis are doomed

Last week I returned to San Diego from Europe and looked for an Uber or Lyft at the San Diego Airport. But they were relegated to a far off location, so my wife and I grabbed a cab with all the baggage we had. The 24 mile ride took about 35 minutes and when we arrived I pulled out a credit card to pay for the $80 fare. He asked if I could pay him by cash and I said no, I want to use a credit card. He said there would be a 6% surcharge. I said that’s ridiculous and I would not pay. He quickly relented, took my card and charged me the amount on the meter. When I then snapped a picture of the rear license plate upon my leaving, he seemed quite alarmed and and tried to mollify me.

I filed a complaint with the airport, and I will see what they do. Drivers like this one are the best salesman for using Lyft or Uber,

by Phil Baker