Uber’s relentless push for drivers

In conjunction with researching Uber for a story several weeks ago, I went through the sign up process as a driver, but never completed the process when it came to providing personal information for a background check.

As a result, Uber has been me emailing several times a week since early September requesting that I finish submitting the application. I have opted out of receiving these emails from them, using their unsubscribe link over ten times. I got confirmations that I am unsubscribed each time, yet their email asking me to finish my application keeps coming. I even submitted a request to their customer service email address twice and told them to remove me from receiving further emails, and those were acknowledged. Yet, believe it or not, the emails keep coming, as recently as today.

I’m pretty sure this is intentional, and to me it says Uber will not take no for an answer from a potential driver, even though that person has chosen not to pursue the application.

Now suppose an applicant was reluctant to submit personal information for a background check. That could be a warning that the applicant may not want to do that because of a questionable past. Yet Uber is not content to move on, but to continue to solicit that applicant over and over again. Another example of how Uber plays by its own rules, even when it comes to following conventional unsubscribe requests.

If I hear back from Uber I’ll post their response.

by Phil Baker