In a tale of two cities, Bellafit was taken from dream to design in the creative hub of San Francisco and the world capital of hardware, Shenzhen. The Bellafit is an elegant accessory crafted for the woman whose goals never take a backseat but who refuses to compromise on style. The Bellafit secures around your fitness tracker, so elevating what is usually considered a practical necessity for any driven individual into something that makes more of a statement than just how many steps you’ve taken. Whether at work, working out or going out, the Bellafit transitions effortlessly from one space to the next, a seamless marriage of form and function.


Suiting your style and your lifestyle is what the Bellafit is all about. Not only does it look great, the Bellafit is designed for convenience:

It can be put on and taken off with ease;

  • The Bellafit works with a wide range of fitness trackers including Fitbit Flex, Flex 2, Alta, Alta HR, Charge, Charge HR and Charge 2, and Garmin Vivosmart line to name a few;
  • Like to switch it up? No problem. The Bellafit is available in two different models and three timeless metallic hues: gold, silver and rose gold. It also looks great as a standalone piece of jewelry. You don’t even need your tracker to wear it!
  • High quality materials make the Bellafit as durable and tough as you are – perfect for any active woman.

The Bellafit is about more than your #ootd, it’s about pride. Why hide your healthy lifestyle choices and dedication to your wellbeing when you can flaunt it? ‘I had the idea for the Bellafit when I received a fitness tracker as a gift a few years ago. I wanted to wear it all the time but I felt I had to either compromise my style or else take it off when I was going out or going to work. Bellafit solves that problem for me,’ explains Karen Whelan, CEO and co-founder of Bellafit. ‘Key to the design was creating a piece of jewelry that complements the fitness tracker. After all, we should be proud to be health and fitness conscious – there’s nothing wrong with wanting to show off your fitness tracker!’



Bellafit loves determination. The Bellafit is created for the ambitious, for the bold, for the dynamic and for the driven – and as a brand they live that philosophy too. As an enterprising start-up, Bellafit is setting goals and aiming high because it’s everything the Bellafit wearer stands for. The Kickstarter campaign is an opportunity for Bellafit to make a buzz with the right people. ‘Although this may seem like just the beginning, we’ve already been working on this project for two years. The Bellafit we’re bringing to market is the third version, after having redesigned, reworked and perfected our initial prototypes. We’re in love with our design now and we can’t wait to share this with everyone,’ says Karen. ‘We want you in our corner, so that when the time comes – when you’re getting ready to smash those fitness goals, dazzle at that meeting or simply seize the day – your Bellafit will be at your side.’ The Kickstarter campaign will be launched this month.

The Bellafit is designed to be with you every step of the way because the creators understand – as does every woman out there living her best life – that looks count in more ways than one.


by Phil Baker