Simply the best gadget bags in the world

These are simply the finest camera and accessory bags available. FOGG bags are handmade in France by Nigel Fogg and bee berman (written just as you see it). They are coveted by Leica users and now have grown in size and utility to carry iPads and notebook computers. Each bag is made from durable, lightweight, locally sources materials that protect your gear, yet provides years of service.

  • Fabric – waterproof cotton canvas
  • Lining – natural linen
  • Leather – full-grain, vegetable-tanned, vat-dyed and oil-impregnated
  • Straps – heavy-weave cotton
  • Buckles & fittings – solid brass
  • Modern materials – nylon threads, zippers and Velcro fasteners

The bags are individually numbered and guaranteed for five years against defects in materials and workmanship,

I own several of these bags that range in size and function. Now there is a new product that’s just been designed that may be one of their best yet. It’s called the Baby Grand and comes in two sizes for 13-inch and 15-inch notebooks.

As described on their website,


Assuming your portable computer is central to present realities…
it can either slot snugly into the front pocket of the bag,
or can be safely stored in the back of the main compartment,…

The first scenario leaves the whole bag free for the arranging of cameras, lenses, charger & cables,  Thermos flask, books, magazines, brochures …(three dividers help keep everything in place) while the second arrangement encases the computer in protective padding, close to your body, ensuring good weight distribution and comfortable carrying (while still providing space for camera gear and other essentials…)

Precious papers and share certificates slip into the full zip pocket inside the rear panel
– two generous pleated pockets on the front facade are each fronted by small supplementary pouches with retaining tags – for notepad, cell phone and memory cards…
– the rear panel has a full flat document pouch – with restraining tag !
– a comfortable grab-handle offers reassurance in brief-case mode… for which a removable shoulder strap (with pad) completes the ensemble.

 The bags can be purchased from two companies in the U.S., Tamarkin Camera in Chicago, and OC Camera in Orange County, CA. I’ve purchased products from both companies and they each over exceptional service and are excellent to work with. Each also are Leica dealers who are big fans of the FOGG bags.

by Phil Baker