Send large files more easily with sndrBlock

SndrBlock is a product that helps us send large files as well as offering other features relating to our electronic communications. The service and device allows users to send very large files to others without working around the limitations of email services.

No longer will slow internet speeds be a burden for communication and content sharing – either by a self-serving ISP or device overload. With sndrBlock messages quickly upload and download with a single touch from mobile or desktop devices. Gargantuan files, even 4K full-length feature films, can be securely stashed in the cloud or sent to all your contacts. And with complete message oversight, senders can recall messages without time constraints and set rules for recipients.

Here is the company’s product description:

“SndrBlock™ is a hybrid cloud personal communications device that acts as an intermediate cache between you and the cloud. It’s roughly the size of an iPhone 6. Since it’s a local device, you send files even faster by transparently and quickly transmitting to sndrBlock™ and then going about your day. sndrBlock™ will send your messages and files on your behalf.”

SndrBlock stores a part of the content on your computer’s peripheral and the rest in their cloud service, improving the security of your files. As a result the user can determine how, what and when he wants to share with others. I spoke with Sean Muprhy, the CEO and he explained the value of the service:

“Provide easy, efficient and secure messaging and file sharing for everyone, without compromising control of their data. It’s a challenge to the status quo. And we believe it’s the future of communication.”

SndrBlock is both a device and a service and $279 will get you one sndrBlock device along with all relevant software, while $479 gets you a business edition with a substantial spec bump that makes it ideal for small businesses. has adopted a recurring revenue model based on the usage needs of individual users and businesses. The sndr app is free to download, with in-app purchases and extra security upgrades available. sndr is spread virally: users are able to send messages to anyone; recipients are invited to download the app. sndrblock is a proprietary, consumer and enterprise-level product that expands the features of sndr for home or business use. For more information check it out here.

by Phil Baker