Pono Player – You owe it to yourself to try

The Pono Player continues to be one of the most exciting products I’ve been involved with. When I began working for Neil Young more than 3 years ago, the player had been a dream of Neil’s for more than a decade. Thanks to the small design team we put together and our manufacturer PCH, the Pono Player and the accompanying PonoMusic hi-resolution music store has succeeded in bringing the highest quality sound to tens of thousands of people in its first year. The player has been reviewed by audio publications and blogs and supports our claim that no portable music device sounds better than the audio from Pono playing hi-res content from the PonoMusic store. The Pono Community has just topped 50,000 members, making it one of the largest hi-res communities in the world. You owe it to yourself to try it and hear for yourself. High resolution music played through the Pono will bring a smile and a feeling of excitement that’s indescribable. The most common response we hear from those listening for the first time is “Wow!”

Pono is available from www.ponomusic.com, Crutchfield, Amazon, Fry’s and other locations.

by Phil Baker