New line of products from Waterfield

If you like Tumi products, you’ll love this new line from Waterfield that includes a backpack, a messenger bag, a duffel, and a small carry bag. Both Tumi and Waterfield use ballistic nylon, but the Waterfield bags are less than 1/2 the cost and are made in the U.S. Tumi bags are made in China and other Southeast Asian countries.

There are several bags in this new line. My favorite is the Essential Crossbody Pouch, an easy to carry bag to serve as your “extral pocket.” It’s amazingly priced at $89 compared to similar bags from Tumi costing more than $200. I own several Waterfield bags and all of them excel with plenty of pockets, excellent hardware, and confortable straps.

The company’s press release does a great job of describing one of their new products.

The Essential Crossbody Pouch

WaterField Designs, a San Francisco designer and manufacturer of custom laptop sleeves, bags, and device-specific cases, introduces the Essential Crossbody Pouch, a stylish, minimalist day bag for grab-and-go necessities plus an Apple iPad mini or another small electronic device. Designed to emphasize quick accessibility, the ultra-compact crossbody bag feels “barely there” and leaves pockets comfortably unencumbered and hands free for traveling or for just running errands around town. Practicality never looked so good.

“It’s such a relief to empty out my pockets and still have super-quick and easy access to my essentials. Plus, it’s the perfect iPad mini bag, so I’m prepared if I need to do a little work while I’m out and about,” said company owner Gary Waterfield. “We tightly-edited the crossbody pouch design to be super compact and comfortable. On my way out the door, I just throw it over my shoulder and have everything at my fingertips.”

The compact main compartment stows bulkier items — sunglasses, an external battery, and hand sanitizer. Inside, a narrow pocket holds and protects an iPad mini or another electronic device. Two exterior front pockets organize frequently accessed items; one that closes with a waterproof zipper keeps items like a wallet and phone secure, and one deep, open pocket grants quick access to items like earbuds, a train ticket, or a grocery list. Classy, gold, diamond-patterned lining illuminates the interior and pockets, making items easy to find.

Padded, moisture-wicking mesh along the back of the bag further enhances comfort. A smooth-gliding Cam Lock buckle lets users shorten or lengthen the strap using only one hand. The strap attaches with metal snap hooks so it can be flipped for right- or left-handers or removed entirely turning the bag into a convenient organizational pouch that can be tucked into another bag. 


  •     Compact main compartment includes a flush pocket for Apple iPad mini (or similar device)
  •     Two quick-access pockets: one zippered and one open-topped grant quick access
  •     Moisture-wicking mesh padding on the back creates a “barely-there” feel
  •     Smooth-gliding Cam Lock buckle adjusts easily
  •     Removable shoulder strap attaches with metal snap hooks
  •     Gold diamond-patterned liner illuminates the inside
  •     YKK waterproof zippers protect from the elements

The Essential Crossbody Pouch joins WaterField’s Essential Bag Collection as its most minimalist carry option. The Essential Duffel and the Essential Messenger Laptop Bag provide modern, stylish alternatives for carrying travel or fitness gear and larger computers and tablets. Next week the company will unveil the fourth and final bag in the collection, the Essential Backpack.

Availability & Pricing 
The Essential Crossbody Pouch 
Price: $89. 
Colors and materials: 1690-denier black ballistic nylon with basketweave nylon Forza textile accent in blue, green, red, or black. YKK waterproof zippers. Metal camlock buckle. Metal snap hooks.  
Weight and dimensions: 8.25 x 6.5 x 2.5 inches; 6.5 oz.

by Phil Baker