How do I get my tech news?

We’ve all developed our routines and habits over the years for how we access information that’s useful to us. For me, a major interest being tech news, I’ve developed a number of resources that I wanted to share with you. I’ve gone from trying to access as many sites as possible to now relying on a limited number of trusted websites and podcasts.

Pivot – Probably my favorite podcast that covers tech is the twice-weekly Pivot podcast that’s mostly ad-lib bantering between Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway. Swisher is one of the best reporters covering tech because she both understands its complexities and accepts none of the bull that’s often dished out by tech executives and PR people. She’s insightful, direct and calls out those that deserve the scolding.

Galloway is a NYU marketing professor that covers the tech industry and has a unique way of describing business behavior and its executives. Together they make predictions and offer their best and worst choices of the week among the increasing number of tech players, mixing in a little national politics at the same time.

The Verge – While there are numerous blogs that cover technology and tech products, The Verge is among the best. It’s my daily stop to learn what’s new, read reviews of hardware and software and scan the headlines. I used to follow other blogs but many (BGR, iLounge, for example) have morphed into nothing more than commercial advertising referral sites that review mediocre products with links to a store in which they derive revenue.

Other good sites remaining I refer to include Ars Technica, Apple Insider, and Toms Hardware.

Techmeme – Is a site that provides headlines and links to important stories of the day in the tech industry. It’s widely read and popular because it’s a great starting place each day for tech news.

Techdirt – is a blog that covers the darker side of tech, particularly with regard to the legal, government and economic issues that affect a company’s ability to innovate.  It’s an award winning site for its content and subject matter. My only caveat is reading its posts will make you angry as you learn about so many bad players, so much injustice, and so much stupidity in the world.

Tech Podcasts – I try to catch the tech podcasts from Recode Decode (Kara Swisher interviews), Instant Message (Joanna Stern and others from the Wall St Journal), The Talk Show (Apple gossip with John Gruber), and How I Built This (interviews with founders in all walks of business).

There are other sites that I will add, but send me yours in an email to, and I’ll add them to this post.

Readers’ Recommendations:

I follow Brian Krebs’s blog, Krebs On Security.  Krebs is arguably the best reporter on cyber today (check out his bio), and he’s often the first to break news of new breaches as well as exclusives on the dark web, malware and other related topics.  True, it’s limited in scope, but if you (or your readers) are interested in breaking news on cyber(security), this is your go-to source.
(As one who sometimes speaks on cybersecurity, I view Krebs as my #1 news source.)

From readerJustin, This Week on Tech. This is a syndicated radio show and Podcast with host Leo LaPorte discussing the weekly tech developments.

by Phil Baker