EcomoBottle: A High-Tech Water Bottle to make your water safer to drink

A new water bottle is on Kickstarter that promises to improve your health. It’s value based on the premise that the water you are drinking is likely not safe. Recent research from Harvard (2016) found that “unsafe levels of toxic chemicals have been found in drinking water for 6 million Americans across 33 states.” 

 is the first smart water bottle to be able to digitally analyze what contaminants are in the water you’re drinking and filter it out in 3 seconds. 


  • Shake the bottle to test for contaminants
  • Twist the bottle to activate the 3-in-1 filtration system 
  • Filters water from home faucet, water fountain, stream, etc. 
  • Track daily hydration goals with the removable fitness tracker
  • Quickly recharge; charge lasts over one week
  • Get contamination details on either the tracker or within the Ecomo app
  • BPA-Free & machine washable
  • Raised $1 million in funding from investors including LAUNCH founder and angel investor Jason Calacanis

The Ecomo Filter Cartridge can filter up to 30 gallons of water, which is equivalent to as much as three months of water usage. This would save about 228 standard plastic water bottles. 

Expected delivery is in Q1 2017.




by Phil Baker