Eagle Creek Exploration Series

One of the best brands of soft luggage is Eagle Creek. I’ve been using their products for 20 years and the company provides a great balance of good design, durability and affordability. Today they announced a refresh of their entire line of luggage with improved materials, refreshed styling and even more durability. Follow the links below to see their new offerings.

New Exploration Series Now Available
The Exploration Series from Eagle Creek – the baddest-ass luggage on the planet – perfectly embodies Eagle Creek’s brand values: Durability, Organization, and Versatility. Vitally updated for Spring 2017, the Exploration Series line represents the latest materials, technology and modern styling.
New Exploration Series Tarmacs, ORV Trunks, Switchback, Gear Hauler and backpacks boast increased durability and lighter weight carry – something only possible through the engineering of new materials.



by Phil Baker