Compassion Fatigue

The time has come when we need to stop trying to coax the unvaccinated to get their shots. They’ve been given endless explanations about the benefit of being vaccinated yet refuse to comply. Their refusal is causing the continued spreading of the pandemic and putting innocent people in danger.

Enough is enough. We’ve past the point of trying to understand them or to show compassionate. Instead it’s time to focus on doing what’s best for the majority that are trying to do the right thing by being vaccinated and using a mask in risky situations.  Here are three simple steps I would do.

  1. Identification for those that are vaccinated – Create an app that displays your vaccination information on your phone using a tamperproof QR code. This will provide immediate confirmation of your vaccination and put an end to the forged paper certificates that are now being sold. It will also make it easier for us to travel outside of the country once we can show proof of vaccination. Yes, some will complain about a government issued ID, likely the same that complain about their rights to go unmasked and unvaccinated.  We’re not going to get rid of these deplorables, we just don’t want them to be able to go where we go when it puts us and our family in danger.
  2. Keep the unvaccinated away from the vaccinated – More businesses and institutions need to impose strict vaccine requirements for working at, entering or using their facilities, especially restaurants, sports arenas, concert venues, fast food chains, national gym chains, colleges, etc. Only vaccinated passengers should be allowed to fly and use public transport. Employees of airlines, Amtrak and other interstate carriers need to be fully vaccinated to remain employed. United Airlines got it right by doing just this. Only those with proof of vaccination will be allowed to partake. We need to make it very inconvenient for those that refuse to comply.
  3. Make the unvaccinated pay – Give preference to vaccinated patients over unvaccinated when it comes to hospital admissions. With bed space scarce, decisions are being made on who to admit and what operations to postpone.  Those that ignored the warnings should not take away beds from those in need that have been vaccinated. In addition, it’s more likely those with vaccines will have a better outcome. The unvaccinated need to be penalized for the cost they are imposing on the rest of us. Their health insurance premiums and life insurance premiums should be raised. Wherever possible the unvaccinated need to be put on the defensive for continuing to cost their fellow citizens their health, welfare and right to live in a safe environment.

For too long the majority of the population has been following the sound medical advice to get vaccinated and to avoid large groups while tolerating the stupidity, rudeness, and bullying of a small vocal minority. It’s time the former takes the offensive to rid us of this pandemic once and for all.

I’m all for giving these resistors a taste of their own medicine. The only thing that will persuade them is something related to their own self-interest. Not being able to fly, not being able to attend events, and going to the back of the line for hospital space is a good start.


by Phil Baker