CES PR pitches

The end of Thanksgiving signals the onslaught of email requests from PR firms for meetings with companies exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas during the first week of January.

From these emails I’ve received just over the past two days, it looks like there will be some highly unusual products. I thought it would be fun to share these pitches with you.  Not surprisingly, many of these products won’t be around a year from now, and I challenge you to figure which ones those will be.

Mobileye – Are you going to be at CES this year? We have a limited number of seats at the Mobileye press conference and wanted to see if you’d be up for it. If you’re not familiar with Mobileye they’re sort of the brains behind the brains making autonomous cars from Tesla and Nissan work.  Mobileye’s CTO Prof. Amnon Shashua will be making a major announcement in the realm of AI in automobiles and how they’re planning to achieve “super-human” capabilities and create safer, smarter cities. They’re actually already working on what they’ll be announcing with a few of the world’s largest car companies that you’ll hear about as well.

Trekz Titanium – The brand that set the standard for bone conduction audio is excited to introduce you to the CES Innovations Award-winning Trekz Titanium open ear sport headphones. Trekz were built to serve the demands of runners and cyclists (and anyone!) who prioritize safety. Also on display will be Bluez 2S wireless bone conduction headphones, the most recent evolution of the brand’s previous editions (Bluez and Bluez 2), which earned awards and acclaim, as well as Gamez, the brand’s first gaming headset for PC, Mac and mobile devices.   The value of AfterShokz’s unrivaled OpenFit design speaks for itself — but it’s the PremiumPitch+  audio (with true bass!) you’ve got to hear to believe. New at the booth this year is the AfterShokz Experience – a section dedicated to providing visitors with an authentic listening experience.

Artec 3D –  will be showcasing its Shapify Booth, which takes a full 3D scan of your entire body in 12 seconds. The scan is then used to create a Shapie – your own 3D replica mini-me – in high-resolution and full color. With the Shapify Booth, kids can be turned into action figures, engaged couples into wedding toppers and any special occasion can be remembered forever in the form of a high-quality 3D printed figurine. You can even create a mini-me as a CES memento.

Valencell – Valencell is the industry leader in performance biometric sensor technology and its PerformTek sensors are in a number of products on the market today, including earbuds, wristbands and armbands from brands like Sony, Jabra, SMS/Intel, and more. Dr. Steven LeBoeuf,Valencell’s president and co-founder, would love the opportunity to meet with you at CES to provide an overview of Valencell’s newest innovations, including the latest in blood pressure readings and new products with heart rate variability and biometric assessments during gaming, as well as his take on where the industry is heading.

GreatCall – GreatCall will launch the first wearable designed specifically to connect older adults and their caregivers. The wearable will double as a fitness tracker and safety service device, and connects to a smartphone app to promote a more active life with daily challenges to meet goals. The app also provides family members easy access to activity and safety information, enabling them to stay involved and aware unobtrusively. –

Enlaps – Regardless of whether you are watching a stadium fill with people in a matter of seconds, a construction project built to the sky from the ground up or the sun rising, the clouds passing overhead and the sun setting over a panoramic vista, there’s nothing more dramatic than a powerful time-lapse production. Until now, intense time-lapse presentations were the sole domain of highly-skilled photo and video professionals; but thanks to Enlaps, an innovative startup from France, the ability to render high-quality time lapse scenarios will be available to the general public.

GoSun Stove –  GoSun Stove plans to heat things up at CES 2016 with the introduction of a revolutionary, solar-powered cooker – the GoSun Grill.   This start-up company is making its first appearance at CES to show how you can cook almost anything without propane or charcoal. The GoSun Grill is like no other outdoor cooker on the market and here’s why: easy to use, fast (cooks a meal for eight in less than an hour thanks to the vacuum tube insulation technology), portable, and clean (no mess or fire hazard).

GreenPeak – At CES 2016, GreenPeak Technologies will announce the new smart Family@Home application. Delivered by service providers (cable companies, telecoms and internet service providers), this new technology provides an affordable way to combine the best of lifestyle monitoring and the Smart Home. Are your children home from school at the expected time? Did you leave the back door open when you went to work? Is the family pet safely inside the house? Did you leave the air conditioner on with the window open? Is the bath overflowing or is the washing machine leaking? Did you miss the weather forecast, and leave your windows open? These are the kinds of questions that the new GreenPeak Family@Home lifestyle application pro-actively addresses. The Family@Home system, currently being tested by the world’s largest service providers, combines cloud intelligence, wireless connectivity and battery-powered sensors to keep an eye on your home – your most valuable asset – and your family and loved ones, providing peace of mind, comfort and security for today’s busy working families.

VRTIFY, the first of its kind virtual reality music platform. VRTIFY transforms how listeners enjoy their favorite music by enabling them to select a song of their choice – from their personal playlists or apps like Spotify or YouTube – then choose a tailored virtual environment to enjoy it in. Imagine listening to “Walk like an Egyptian” among the pyramids in Cairo. Users can also utilize VRTIFY’s VR channels or attend concerts in real time for a truly immersive experience.

Slendertone, the world leader in providing advanced technology products that improve muscle tone. Representatives of the brand will be on hand at the show next month to speak with you about the their brand new innovation in the wearable fitness product category—the  Slendertone Connect Abs. The Slendertone Connect Abs is the first Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) ab toning device with smartphone tracking capabilities. The belt combines the power of Slendertone’s abdominal strengthening system with sleek, wearable technology and the versatility of iOS devices to revolutionize the concept of muscular work at home.


NuBryte Touchpoint – Smart home technology is not new. But the big difference we’ll see this year is technology that allows anyone to “smart-ify” their homes. One developer – who made a huge splash at CES 2015 with its NuBryte Touchpoint technology for its automated lighting options, built-in camera-activated security system, and energy reporting features – will be leading the charge this year with a new product in the NuBryte family.

Aroma Therapeutics – French aromatherapy experts Aroma Therapeutics, will introduce their new, game-changing product designed to make the entire concept and application of aromatherapy easier and more accessible than ever. The world’s first fully-connected, WiFi-enabled diffuser, AromaCare will launch at the International CES in Las Vegas.. Already a leader in the field of medical aromatherapy, Aroma Therapeutics is poised to take this emerging medical treatment to new heights through the introduction of their AromaCare dispenser.

Hydrao – Hydrao, the world’s first smart shower will be displayed at CES. Hyrdao is an ecologically friendly and connected showerhead that helps build awareness around the importance of saving water. It has been created by Smart’n Blue, a European company dedicated to building smart home and environmentally gadgets.  Hydrao makes showering fun for children (and even adults!), with LED lights that can be easily changed to their favorite colors and requires no battery. The smart shower takes the power from the water flow. Hydrao relieves the tedious work of budgeting, making managing household water consumption hassle-free. With the mobile app, users can create thresholds, profiles and colors, record progress and best scores of savings.

Inomotion – Our mission is based on a single idea: embedded technology can revolutionize protection systems for people. We offer smart solutions, with increased ergonomics and adaptability, that will significantly improve the level of protection in the event of a crash. Founded by 3 passionate engineers, the start-up is specialized in the design and production of wearable smart protection systems. The smart ski airbag vest is our first innovation, and we will soon offer solutions in other applications, like motorcycles, bikes and workers safer.

The GenZe 2.0 is a true car replacement built to combat increasing traffic congestion — along with energy, pollution, parking, maintenance and other hassles. It is a breakthrough, all electric, two-wheel vehicle designed for urban commuters. The GenZe 2.0 is also completely connected and is equipped with the industry’s first cloud-based scooter and mobile rider application designed to make getting around faster, easier, safer and more fun.


by Phil Baker