British start-up em-barks on CES 2016 to launch wearable tech for pets

Yes, this had to happen, as silly as it may seem.

A UK technology start-up has “unleashed” PitPat, a wearable activity monitor for dogs, at CES. The press release says, “Designed and manufactured in the UK, PitPat gives owners a fun and engaging way to ensure that their dog gets the exercise it needs by tracking activity, rest and play. The PitPat device attaches to any dog collar and with its sleek, lightweight and compact design it is set to be the go-to gadget for dogs of any shape, size or breed.”

“Accompanying the PitPat device is a free iOS and Android app, which allows owners to keep an eye on their dog’s activity levels from the intuitive dashboard. One simple press of the button on the device enables the activity data to be instantly transferred to the PitPat app, where owners see a breakdown of their dog’s walking, running, playing and resting and how this activity compares to a daily exercise guideline based on its age, breed and weight.”

More at $40.

by Phil Baker