New: Bellus3D High-Resolution 3D Face Scanning App for Apple iPhone X

If you own an iPhone X, read on. This is a very clever app that takes advantage of the 3D sensors built into the camera for face recognition.

Bellus3D, Inc. a Silicon Valley startup formed by leading computer vision experts, announced today the Bellus3D FaceApp iPhone X application, a remarkable advancement in face scanning technology. The company is the first to utilize the built-in TrueDepth camera incorporated in the Apple iPhone X smartphone to scan 3D faces in high resolution with a lifelike quality that was only previously available with expensive professional 3D scanners.

Bellus3D FaceApp for iPhone X is an easy-to-use, high-resolution, 3D face scanning application that captures over 250,000 3D data points on a user’s face in 10 seconds while the user turns their head in front of the smartphone camera. Immediately after the scanning, the user’s face is virtually reconstructed in 3D with lifelike detail and can be rotated, zoomed and viewed in three dimensions on the screen of the iPhone X.

The app allows: the 3D face to be viewed with interactive lighting; the use of the smartphone’s built-in gyro to control viewing and; the ability to save a 3D selfie video to their camera roll photo album to share with others. Users will also have the ability to immediately post their 3D selfie as a 3D post on Facebook.

Bellus3D is the first to use the iPhone X TrueDepth camera for high-resolution 3D face scanning and the company is already seeing many new uses that will impact millions of people. Consumer applications incorporating 3D faces include mobile gaming, custom eyeglass design, virtual 3D make-up sessions, medical applications, 3D selfies, custom dolls, and emerging 3D augmented and virtual reality experiences.

Bellus3D is starting a public beta program in April to enable early adopters and third-party developers to test the application as the company finalizes its formal release. Version 1.0 of Bellus3D FaceApp will be free and will include posting of 3D selfies to Facebook. A subsequent release of the app will allow users to export their 3D faces in industry standard 3D file formats to other applications and AR/VR digital environments. Bellus3D will also release a Face SDK for iOS to enable third party developers to add high-resolution 3D face-scanning capabilities to their own iPhone X apps.

I’ve been a beta tester and the product is quite remarkable. I took a scan of my face and was then able to view myself from many angles that would otherwise be impossible without an elaborate set of mirrors.

“We are thrilled to be introducing this exciting breakthrough to Apple iPhone X users,” said Eric Chen, co-founder and CEO of Bellus3D. “Our FaceApp takes full advantage of the TrueDepth camera to bring easy-to-use and professional quality face scanning capability to millions of users and will inject an entirely new level of personal presence into our daily use of digital media.”

In addition to FaceApp for iPhone X, Bellus3D currently ships the Face Camera Pro USB accessory camera for Android & Windows platforms. The accessory camera captures up to 500,000 3D data points and is targeted for professional markets such as orthodontics and custom eyewear design. The Face Camera Pro is currently available and will continue to be offered for Android and Windows platforms.

Interested users can participate in the beta trial of the Bellus3D FaceApp for iPhone X by signing up at: .
Third party software and hardware developers can register to be notified of the availability of Face SDK for iOS by filling out an inquiry form at:

To see examples of 3D Face Posts on the Bellus3D Facebook page, visit:

About Bellus3D, Inc.
Bellus3D ( is the innovative leader in high-resolution 3D face scanning and face ID technology designed for mobile platforms. The company is a venture-backed Silicon Valley startup founded in March 2015 by leading computer vision experts to bring the next generation of face scanning technologies to worldwide markets.

Bellus3D Press Contact: Eric Zarakov, EZarakov(at), Phone: (408) 389-8737.

by Phil Baker