Google buys Fitbit. What happens next.

 With Google’s purchase of Fitbit for $2.1B, it’s an admission that their own efforts in the wearables market have failed, and the realization of how far Fitbit has fallen since it went public four years ago when it was valued at $9B. It’s another big disappointment for one of Silicon Valley’s most visible hardware startups. […]


Good Riddance Facebook

 According to recent research gathered by Active Inc., Facebook has been losing usage at a rapid rate. Users spent approximately 14 hours a month in 2017, but this year that number has dropped to 9 hours per month. The loss is particularly high among those between the ages of 12-34, but has effected every group. This […]


Traveling with technology

 Having just returned from a vacation trip to Portugal, I had a chance to try out some travel-related tech products. Portugal has become a favorite destination for vacationers in recent years and for good reason. It’s a beautiful country, the people are warm and friendly, and it’s more affordable than many destinations in Western Europe. […]


Uber watch

 Uber is facing a number of threats that  jeopardize its ability to survive. The CA legislature has passed a law that requires the company (as well as many other businesses) to reclassify their contractors as employees and provide them with benefits they offer other employees. While this law may be misguided, it shows how vulnerable […]


Manufacturing tech products in the U.S.

 As seen at Techpinions. I’m often asked why consumer tech products can’t be made in this country. In fact, with Trump’s tariff wars, more and more companies are being pressured to look for local manufacturing. I’ve always been skeptical, having worked on more than a hundred consumer tech products over my career, mostly manufactured in Asia, […]


Door Dash Dishonesty

 One of the trends of high-tech startups is to build a product around two things: an app and independent workers. These new business models are all the rage in Silicon Valley and eminently fundable because they open up new business models that do old things in new, more efficient ways.  That was the basis behind […]


A rare Bose screwup

 ANC stands for active noise reduction, a technology that Bose has dominated for a decade. Their popular QC35 headphones incorporated this technology to reduce the background noise, particularly the repetitive droning hum that you experience on airplanes. While there were a number of low cost Chinese copies, Bose’s technology led the field. But two years […]


A case for a real Apple TV

 If Apple is looking for an area to replace the slowing sales of the iPhone, I suggest they need to develop a real Apple TV with its own operating system and a top quality display, This could be a huge success and provide a solution to a confusing problem most of us face today. If […]


Throw it out and see what sticks

 First published on Tech.pinions From the June 22 Wall Street Journal: In the first 24 hours of the launch of an electric-scooter pilot program in the city of Hoboken, N.J., the local police department received more than 1,500 complaints and comments about the scooters, its police chief said. Since the May 20 launch, a steady […]


Don’t leave home without these

 A few years ago there were plenty of new travel gadgets to cover, but those times are past. No new GPS devices and few luggage trackers that work. Still, there are some well-designed products for travel that are useful and worth considering, even if they are just improvements from earlier designs.   Backup Batteries for […]