Apple’s top dozen mistakes that show a lack of product leadership

Top dozen mistakes that show a lack of vision, poor product decisions, and a movement away from their leadership position with their products:

(1)removal of headphone jack

(2) focus on thinness to the detriment of battery life on iPhone and to the detriment of ports on the MacBookPro

(3) removal of the MagSafe with charging light indicator

(4) Apple Maps poor quality (still has incorrect business addresses and misdirections)

(5) iTunes mess

(6) Apple Mail not advanced in years and prior problems working with Gmail, Competitive products offer much better sorting and filtering. Same with Calendar.

(7) Poor keyboard on 12″ MacBook and not much better on Pros

(8) 3 generations of the same iPhone design, 6, 6s and 7

(9) High prices on the MacBookPros

(10) Apple Stores “Wall of Dongles” exhibition

(11) Pruning the line of monitors and routers that saved Mac users setup time and could call one phone number to get issues addressed

(12) Siri so lame that it said it couldn’t find a “mobile number” to dial because it was listed as an “iPhone” number in the address book.

by Phil Baker