All-in-one carry on bag for the business traveler

As a frequent traveler that hates to check luggage, I’m always intrigued by the latest carryon designs. I’ve been trying a new rolling luggage model from a company called ecbc. While it’s the same size as a normal roller bag, 22”x14”x 9”, and looks quite similar, it’s design it unique and very clever.  It’s especially suited for those needing to carry suits or sports jackets and electronics in a single bag. According to the company, the goal of this bag was to have everything in one place, and they’ve succeeded.

Called the Limited Edition Sparrow II Wheeled Garment Bag, it’s designed to unzip into three sections or slices. The bottom portion is a conventional suitcase hinged on the side, just as a normal bag. The middle slice is also a side-hinged compartment designed to hold a suit or sport jacket on a hanger, much like a conventional garment bag. There’s sufficient depth unlike most carryon bags that cram the suit into a folder inside in the main compartment. Zippered compartments at the corners hold small accessories and make effective use of all of the space.

The front most section is designed to hold a computer and other electronics, in several large pockets with Velcro closures, and is hinged at the bottom, allowing the section to unfold on the conveyor belt while passing through airport security. No need to remove your electronics with the possibility of leaving your them behind or being taken.

The Sparrow II is the 2nd generation of this design, and incorporates a larger electronic storage capacity to hold up to a 16” laptop and up to a 12” tablet, as well as a slight reduction in overall size to match the latest domestic carryon requirements.

Included with the Sparrow II is a rechargeable 6000mAh battery, enough to charge a phone twice and a tablet almost once. Dual USB charging ports allow users to charge two portable devices simultaneously. That makes it handy when finding a seat at the airport and not needing to look for an outlet.

The bag has a variety of well-placed compartments including an RFID pocket for your tickets and passport, as well as pockets for a phone and water bottle.

I tried the Sparrow II on a couple of short trips and found it worked well. The ballistic nylon material and outside handle were similar in appearance to Tumi and Briggs & Riley cases. It’s best for shorter trips, perhaps around 3 days, because the garment compartment reduces the volume of the main compartment, best for packing your casual clothes and undergarments. For a longer vacation where a suit was not needed, I’d opt for a more conventional design with one large compartment.

Thus, the bag is ideal for those who travel with a suit or sports jacket. While I rarely do, I found I could use the compartment for hanging dress shirts, avoiding the need to fold and pack them in the main compartment.

And while I normally carry my computer in a separate bag, on one trip I packed my computer and electronics into the front of this bag and traveled with just a single case. I did pack a thin computer bag inside to carry my computer to my meetings.

The Sparrow II is now available for pre-order at for $399.


Key features of the Sparrow II Wheeled Garment Bag, courtesy of the manufacturer:

  1. FastPass: One-of-a-kind FastPass system makes TSA checkpoints a breeze. All you have to do is unzip the FastPass compartment, displaying all of your perfectly protected electronics and cords, lay it flat and send the whole bag through the checkpoint scanner. No more unpacking valuables into those grey TSA bins
  2. Zippered water bottle holder
  3. Retractable ID tag
  4. Materials: 1640 Ballistic Nylon exterior and 210D Double Diamond Ripstop Nylon interior. Water resistant and extremely durable
  5. 12 organizational compartments
  6. 5 Liter capacity, 22”X14”X9”, 9 lbs
  7. Phone pocket with fleece lining on top of bag for easy access.
  8. Up to 16” Computer in FastPass pocket and new 12” padded tablet pocket
  9. Quick access RFID protection front ticket pocket with key holder
  10. High Density Protective Foam in Laptop & Tablet Pockets

by Phil Baker