A new way to buy cars

CarJoJo.com is a new Internet site that gives new car buyers access to the ENTIRE inventory of over 3.5 million new cars for sale in the US. It’s designed to makes new car buying easier and less expensive than ANY other other car site, according to the company.

CarJoJo works for the buyer, (not the dealer) and provides with the most comprehensive information available. The company knows how long EVERY new car has been in a dealers inventory, the car’s entire price history and the dealer’s motivation to sell…. along with all of the industry discounts that can be applied. Its brand new and unlike any car buying site ever developed.

They track over 20,000 dealer web sites everyday and have a constantly updated database of every car on the market (all 3.5 million of them). They track everytime the price changes, know the entire inventory of every dealer and thus know if the dealer is motivated to sell.

Its really quite remarkable and they have saved people a lot of money. In the end, they know more about the car, its pricing, the discounts etc, … then the salesman knows. So it revereses the tables on negotiation…. or CarJoJo will buy the car for you as an alternative.

Check it out.

by Phil Baker