A letter from a friend in Japan

I’m sharing this letter with permission of my friend who sent it. He is a very successful business man that’s led several international companies.

Dear Phil,

I’ve read your comments on Mr.Trump via Face Book. I just wonder what kind of people voted for Trump. Do you know anyone who voted for Trump ? All my friends are anti-Trump and no one supports Trump. Are they satisfied with Trump as real president ?

In Japan more than 90% of people is doubtful about his capability as US president. More specifically his ignorance of Asian politics and economy. In addition he seems to be unpredictable and hip-shooter.

He said US car sale is close to nothing in Japan because of unfair Japanese trade practice. In reality: US put 2.5% import duty on Japanese car while US pay zero duty to sell in Japan.

European cars have been selling very well. It is just consumer preference.

iPhone is selling very well but Fujitsu ,NEC and other Japanese smart phone are disastrous.

Same as PC.  HP, Dell and Lenovo are dominating the Japanese market.

He said Japan should bear the cost of the US military base in Japan. It is too low. In reality(according to Pentagon report): The % of cost born by Japan 74.5%, Italy 41%, Korea 40% Germany 33%. He should ask Germany not Japan.

He might become a so, so president but his behavior and comments are damaging US reputation. In the past some US presidents were unpopular in Japan but they were respected to some extent as the world leader.

I’m afraid that he might trigger the trade-war and eventually real war in the near future. Since I’m talking about US election and new administration coming Friday, your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


by Phil Baker