A great little portable espresso machine

The MInispresso is a clever little gadget that makes espresso one cup at a time. It requires no electricity and is completely portable, perfect for hotel rooms and on vacation. The device used to sell for close to $150, but is now retailing for $60. It’s well-constructed, beautifully finished and works with little effort. It travels as one compact unit that disassembles to provide all the parts needed, including its own espresso cup. To use, simply fill the basket with ground coffee, add boiling or very hot water to the large cup on the other end, screw together and push the plunger about a dozen times. The water is forced under pressure through the grounds and the resulting espresso slowly fills up the cup, crema and all. The Minispresso is smaller than a coffee mug and tucks into the corner of a suitcase or briefcase. Highly recommended. It’s available on Amazon from the manufacturer at the new low price or here.


by Phil Baker