Traditional bushman SAN-dals from Namibia

Vivobarefoot—a UK-based leading global barefoot shoe company—launched a Kickstarter campaign yesterday to raise $100K for the production of traditional bushman SAN-dals in Namibia. These types of sandals have been used by generations of San people for persistent hunting. The campaign aims to revive the ancient craft, support the Namibian village and bring sandals to U.S. and international consumers.

Kickstarter pledge levels range from $15 to $7,200, with all profits to be reinvested back into the local Namibian community to maintain the village, purchase staple foods, and create a famine fund for drought years. A small number of sandals have been made as part of the first exclusive batch and are now being worn by the locals in the Nyea Nyea conservation area of North West Namibia. SAN-dal preorders start at $150, offering early backers the opportunity to be one of the first to own the original handmade sandals.

Other price levels include embellished sandals, jewelry and more. The $5,000 level of investment, for instance, offers a six-day adventure in the wildest parts of Namibia-a chance to walk in the ancient footsteps of the San in the
original home of the SAN-dal and learn their distinct survival skills.  The finished product will begin shipping in June 2016. To learn more about the Vivobarefoot SAN-dal Kickstarter and to back the project, visit:


by Phil Baker