What the best phone case?

What’s the best case for an iPhone? Like most things, it depends. Do you want something slim, something rugged, a case with a cover?  After trying many cases for a variety of iPhone models, I return to one case over and over again that I consider the very best. It’s the wallet case made by Vaja Cases. While not inexpensive at $129, it’s an excellent value based on its quality of materials, workmanship, and customer service.

The case protects the screen as well the rest of the phone. The cover never gets in the way because I rarely hold the phone up to my ear – I usually use earbuds for calls, so can use it with the cover closed.  And the cover easily folds around to the back.

There are a wide range of models for all iPhones and a few Samsung models, including some without covers, but my preference is the Folio Leather case with a single pocket in the cover.  I avoid wallet cases with lots of card slots, because I’ve found the edges of the plastic credit cards can abrade the screen and remove its coatings. A single pocket allows me to add a business card to provide identification in case it’s lost.

Vaja cases are constructed differently from all other cases. The leather, sourced from Argentina, is wrapped around a rigid plastic frame. The result is a perfect fit with the phone and a structure that protects the phone in a drop.

I’ve bought a Vaja case for each of my last four iPhones and they’ve all served me well. On a recent occasion I asked to swap a case because it appeared the plastic had separated under the leather and the company did so without hesitation, three months after the purchase.

Their latest cases, including my current case is MagSafe compatible, meaning it has built in magnets for using Apple accessories. Vaja provides cases in range of colors and two different types of leather. If it’s not available as a stock case, you can custom order a case with your own choice of colors and features. Non-folding covers begin at $79.




by Phil Baker