Technology Improving Medical Care

With the many inadequacies in our medical care system, there are some encouraging signs that technology may offer the hope of improving our care. It’s an area ripe for disruption where there is now so much secrecy and confusion, and where insurance companies routinely come between our doctors and our well-being. There’s a real need […]


One of the most interesting and useful functions on a watch are sunrise and sunset information. It requires complex algorithms to determine the various times, because the times vary throughout the year and are a function of your location.   That hasn’t stopped inventors from coming with ingenious ways to display this information. YES is […]


Holiday Cards for Nerds & Engineers

Patent Press. has created a series of paper greeting cards that feature illustrations from real patent applications, especially those interesting patent drawings.  The holiday cards include the patent drawing of a variety of seasonal inventions, such as a light-up menorah, an Etch-a-Sketch, and the famous “leg lamp” from a Christmas Story.  They’re clever, but definitely requires […]


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Apple introduces a new MacBook Pro with a keyboard that works

The headline today on most of the tech sites is Apple’s introduction of their new 16-inch MacBook Pro. It’s been long anticipated, not because of a faster processor, not because of a 16-inch display, and not because of better speakers. It’s because it’s the first notebook computer from Apple in five years with a keyboard […]


Amazon Reviews – Be skeptical

As a frequent purchaser of electronic accessories and hardware devices from Amazon, I’ve experienced more disappointment with my purchases over the past year. Many of these products are sold by Chinese manufacturers that have found Amazon to be a great way to bypass the retailers and offer their products at a lower cost. With all […]


Google buys Fitbit. What happens next.

With Google’s purchase of Fitbit for $2.1B, it’s an admission that their own efforts in the wearables market have failed, and the realization of how far Fitbit has fallen since it went public four years ago when it was valued at $9B. It’s another big disappointment for one of Silicon Valley’s most visible hardware startups. […]