Good Riddance Facebook

According to recent research gathered by Active Inc., Facebook has been losing usage at a rapid rate.¬†Users spent approximately 14 hours a month in 2017, but this year that number has dropped to 9 hours per month. The loss is particularly high among those between the ages of 12-34, but has effected every group. This […]

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How do I get my tech news?

We’ve all developed our routines and habits over the years for how we access information that’s useful to us. For me, a major interest being tech news, I’ve developed a number of resources that I wanted to share with you. I’ve gone from trying to access as many sites as possible to now relying on […]


Traveling with technology

Having just returned from a vacation trip to Portugal, I had a chance to try out some travel-related tech products. Portugal has become a favorite destination for vacationers in recent years and for good reason. It’s a beautiful country, the people are warm and friendly, and it’s more affordable than many destinations in Western Europe. […]


Apple and its unmatched retail experience

With the deterioration of customer service, it was a welcome experience to visit my local Apple Store in Carlsbad, CA last week to replace the battery on my two year old iPhone X. (You can easily tell an iPhone battery’s health condition by going to Battery Health to see the percentage of capacity remaining compared […]