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Apple watch or conventional…Can’t decide?

 Here’s the solution. German watchmaker Sinn, offers their solution to this dilemma of watch aficionados. They’ve come up with a Dual Strap System consisting of two shortened strap halves for the Apple Watch and the Sinn watch, letting you wear both at the same time.You can also wear each watch by itself using another connecting strap. For more details check this out.  


Sonic Blocks Launches Indiegogo Campaign for World’s First High Fidelity Modular Audio System

   Sonic Blocks, a certified Start-Up NY company at the Binghamton University Start-Up Suite Incubator, and Benefits Corporation, announced today the launch of its Indiegogo campaign for the world’s first HiFi modular audio system. Owners will be able to customize their audio experience by selecting, swapping, and optimizing their Sonic Blocks units. The 30-day campaign […]