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Is Retail Hindering Product Innovation?

 As I work with tech startup companies to create and manufacture their new hardware products, one of the frequent challenges is the difficulty in meeting their sales expectations. All of the excitement and anticipation during the development and manufacturing phases invariably collide with the harsh reality of the marketplace. “Build it and they will come” […]


Audeze Sine Headphones: Best $1000 headphone for $449

 I’ve been trying out the new Audeze Sine headphone, the newest and most affordable headphone from Audeze. Audeze has been producing headphones that have been described by most reviewers as the best headphones you can buy at any price. They sell for $1000 to about $2000 and utilize the company’s planar magnetic speaker design, using a proprietary […]

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Sometimes You Can Find Better Doctors and Clinics on the Internet Than in Your Own Community

 Some diseases have a small occurrence, and the expertise to treat that disease may not be in your local community or nearby city. While your local doctors tend to recommend specialists that they know, they may not always offer the best solutions. That’s when you can use the Internet to reach beyond to help you […]


WaterField Celebrates 18th Year with Cargo Laptop Bag Upgrade

 WaterField Designs is a small family owned manufacturer located in San Francisco. Today it celebrates its 18th year in business with enhancements to its signature bag—The Cargo. First designed in 1998 by former bicycle messenger and owner, Gary WaterField as a messenger-briefcase hybrid, the Cargo remains a best seller in WaterField’s lineup. The modernized new Cargo maintains the […]