Automotive Tech

Out-of-Control Toyotas, Out-of-Luck Owners

 I’ve covered Toyota’s unintended acceleration for several years and have always believed that it is a real problem that has been swept under the rug by Toyota and our government’s NHTSA. In fact, insider communications uncovered by a whistleblower, Betsy Benjaminson, verified much of this. It clearly showed a coverup, and that the cause was neither […]


The best gets better

 Flexibits today announced a massive update for Fantastical 2 for Mac. Version 2.2 adds many new powerful features to the Apple Design Award-winning OS X calendar app and is a free update for existing users. See my previous review of 2.0 on this site. Version 2.2 gives Exchange users the full Fantastical experience. Account syncing […]


Apple and innovation

 With Apple’s announcements this past week, it’s been fascinating to read analysts’ and reporters’ comments about whether Apple is still an innovator. Critics cite the modest improvements made in the recent revisions of the iPhone line as demonstrating Apple’s failure to innovate. When I did a search for “Apple innovation”, up came dozens of headlines like this from the past […]


A wolf in sheep’s clothing: why the iPhone SE is everything except what it looks like

  by Dom Fried-Booth Dom works at Plan, a product strategy consultancy in London. He’s gone from research in rural Pakistan to running PM teams in California, and a lot in-between. Apple’s most significant launch in years, and it’s nothing to do with the price Here’s a puzzler: what sort of company is Apple? Is it […]


Uber for kids?

 One of the hottest areas in technology is the use of apps for accessing and sharing resources.  There’s Airbnb for booking rooms and Uber for booking rides. And now there’s a service for booking rides for your kids. My first reaction after learning about this was, “What parent would put their child in a car […]


How safe are we from our apps?

 Like many others in the tech community, I applaud Apple’s efforts to encrypt the iPhone to protect our privacy. But there’s been noticeably little attention given to the impact of apps on that same privacy. I’ve always been surprised at how many permissions some apps requests before they can be installed. They typically request access […]