Fantastical is the best calendar app for the Mac

  For those of us that use Macs, it sometimes feels like Apple is abandoning us. iPhones and iPads are a much more lucrative business for them than their notebooks and desktops computers. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook even touted the iPad Pro as a notebook replacement. And it shows in other ways: some of the […]


A memorable vacation in Tulum, Mexico

I’ve been fortunate to travel with my family to many exciting vacation spots, but rarely have I enjoyed a vacation as much as the one we just experienced. My wife, son, daughter-in-law and two grandsons visited Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.  While we always expected to enjoy the beautiful beaches and tropical weather, […]


A fresh look at radar detectors

With all of the technology advances taking place, just how good are today’s radar detectors? The devices that attach to our car’s windshield were once were commonly used to detect police hiding along the side of the road trying to catch us speeding by. It became a back and forth game with police adding more […]


Can technology help you lose weight?

I’ve always had a moderate weight problem, being 20 to 30 pounds overweight, and have tried a myriad of diets over the years. There was the protein diet, Dr. Atkins, Weight Watchers, and many fad diets.  Over the past three months I’ve been trying something new that has worked better than anything else, using technology […]


Briggs & Riley Rolls Out National Retailer “A Case for Giving” Event

Briggs & Riley makes some of the best luggage available. I’ve used many of their products over the years traveling all over the world, and they provide some of the best designed, highest quality products in the business.  (I also love Tumi, but comparable models are often as much as twice the cost of Briggs & […]


Roasting your own coffee beans

If you are discerning about the coffee you drink and grind your own beans, you may want to consider roasting your own coffee beans at home.  When a friend first suggested it to me, I dismissed it, since I can buy freshly roasted beans from a number of local coffee shops.  But I took the […]

Consumer issues

When phone updates effect our safety

There are three cars in my family, A Toyota Highlander, a Chevy Volt, and a Mazda3. My wife, who drives the Highlander, and we use our respective iPhones (5 and 6) paired to our cars. What are the odds of each of phones suddenly experiencing problems connecting to the cars in the same week? Apparently […]