Update on RING

 I reviewed Ring, a combination doorbell, camera and intercom, a few weeks ago, and ran into problems with the installation. After discussions with the customer support people, the unit was replaced, and now is working properly. The previous unit caused the doorbell to ring or buzz on its own. The cause is uncertain, but might have been […]


Kickstarter advice

 I read with a combination of interest, sympathy and a little bit of “not surprised” when it was reported that Coolest, the company that had the second most successful Kickstarter campaign ever, was struggling to meet its promises. In spite of raising over $13 million for its all-in-one picnic cooler, it failed to meet its […]


Too many gadgets?

 Can we possibly have too many gadgets? Over the past dozen years, as a product reviewer, I’ve seen so many new products that offer the promise of helping us to be safer, healthier, and richer. Yet frequently they required a lot more work than was expected to set up, maintain and deal with unexpected issues. […]


Inside San Diego tip

 Being located in San Diego often gives me insight to some special deals. Here’s one of them from one of my favorite hotel chains, Kimpton. Kimpton’s Hotel Palomar San Diego and Hotel Solamar announced today the launch of “Stay Crafty,” an authentic craft brew experience package. With San Diego continuously ranked as one of America’s top microbrew cities, and […]