Phil interviewed by Leo LaPorte on Triangulation

  Sep 28th 2015 TRIANGULATION 218 PHIL BAKER: THE PRODUCT GUY Hosted by Leo Laporte Phil Baker is an expert in new product development. Records live every Monday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific / 18:00 UTC.  


Apple Watch Needs Time

When I tried the Apple Watch several months ago when it first came out, I found it to be a technology gadget that had no compelling value over the short time I used it. But the Watch is one of those products not lending itself to a quick review. It’s not like an iPhone whose […]


Wireless charging — worth the effort? (San Diego Transcript)

The idea of wirelessly charging our phones has been a promise for more than a decade. In concept, you just place your phone on a flat surface or pad and the phone automatically charges. No cables to plug in. While it sounds great, it has failed to catch on and has cost companies millions of […]


Kimpton’s Palomar San Diego Unveils Exclusive Skyline Collection

Living in San Diego, it’s not often I have a chance to get a close look at a the hotel scene here.  So I was excited to attend an introduction to the the 211 room Kimpton’s Hotel Palomar. I’ve stayed at hotels all over the world, particularly in Asia, and the Palomar made a really positive […]


TSA is failing us (San Diego Transcript)

Homeland Security personnel ran a test a few weeks ago to determine how effective the screening is at U.S. airports. The results were dismal. The Transportation Security Administration failed to detect fake guns, bomb parts, and explosives in 67 out of the 70 attempts, failing 95 percent of the time. Something is terribly wrong when […]


Apple changes the cellphone rules

The cellular companies are losing some of their hold on our cellular services and that’s a good thing. Much of this began when the FCC disapproved the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile. As predicted by the FCC and the consumer groups opposing the merger, this has resulted in more competition. Left on its own, T-Mobile, […]

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Another side of Uber

Several months back I reviewed Uber and described how much I liked using it. In fact, I compared it to having a driver at your disposal, being able to call for a ride whenever needed. But there’s another side to Uber that surfaced last week. I first learned of it when a good friend of […]