A letter from a friend in Japan

 I’m sharing this letter with permission of my friend who sent it. He is a very successful business man that’s led several international companies. Dear Phil, I’ve read your comments on Mr.Trump via Face Book. I just wonder what kind of people voted for Trump. Do you know anyone who voted for Trump ? All my friends are […]


Lawsuit Aims to Force Apple to Use Lock-Out Technology to Block Texting While Driving

  Should Apple be responsible for stupid behavior? That’s the premise of a class-action lawsuit filed in California that demands that Apple add a lock-out system to prevent drivers from texting in a moving car with their iPhones. The lawsuit was initiated by MLG Automotive Law in Los Angeles on behalf of plaintiff Julio Ceja, who […]


Yarra, the audio industry’s first affordable beamforming speaker array

 Comhear, a San Diego-Based premier audio technology company and 2017 CES Innovation Award Honoree, today announced Yarra™, the audio industry’s first affordable beamforming speaker array, designed to place you inside any audio experience—from gaming, music playback, VR/AR, conferencing, and home entertainment. Yarra provides an enhanced natural HD 360-degree sound experience for virtual reality, gaming, desktop sound, […]